Joakim Wiik
– Synth, guitar, acoustic guitar, piano

Oscar Gulbrandsen
– Guitar, acoustic guitar

Adam Törnblad
– Drums, guitar and piano

Markus Rundlöf
– Bass guitar



Moonlit sailor is a four piece indie-postrock band from Borås, Sweden. the band started out as an indie rock band in late 2006 when the members were only 16-18 years old. the band had a new interesting indie rock sound, often described as melodic, emotional and powerfull.

The members of moonlit sailor are the best of friends and met the first time when they started study in elementary school. at the age of 12, three of the members started to learn how to play and formed a band. a couple of years later the fourth member took place and they started to develop a new sound that eventually turned into a completely new band, known as moonlit sailor.

In 2007 the band decided to go intrumental. in the creation of the music the band realized that the intrumental parts were always in focus. to go intrumental felt natural for the bands further development.

Soon after the formation of moonlit sailor, the band self-released their very first demo entitled “moonlit sailor”. two years later in may 2008 the band released their first instrumental CD entitled “A Footprint Of Feelings”. the new instrumental songs had a new interesting sound but still you could hear it was moonlit sailor. the band became for many listeners worldwide known as a post-rock band with a unique sound based on strong melodies and dynamics mixed with emotional, captivating and powerfull soundscapes.

In relation to the release of “A Footprint Of Feelings” the band hit the road and completed their first european tour, containing gigs in sweden, denmark, germany, czech republic, netherlands and belgium. The tour were booked and arranged all by themselves.

The 17th of november 2009, moonlit sailor released their second album “So Close To Life” on one of the world’s most respected independent labels; Deep Elm Records. Moonlit Sailor is currently signed to Deep Elm Records and have also released records on record labels in Japan and China.

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Deep Elm Records about
Moonlit Sailor – We Come From Exploding Stars:


Already having received well-deserved critical acclaim for pioneering an entirely new dimension to the post-rock genre, these four Swedes have done it yet again on We Come From Exploding Stars. Their fourth album is, without question, the next step for MOONLIT SAILOR as a band. They’ve mastered the overlap of indie and post-rock…and beautifully so.

Although they are still a young band (granted they have an impressive catalog of songs), they felt like they needed to navigate into new, and for them unknown, waters, without straying too far from their roots. They have always written music that gives the listener hope and light…which is exactly what they brought with them into these new waters.

Firmly entrenched in their quasi-pop / post-rock roots, Moonlit Sailor continues to expand the blueprint for the future of post-rock. From the melodies you’ve never heard before, to the arpeggios that swallow you whole, to the powerful crescendos that devastate your senses, their music is a prime example of just how effective instrumental music can be. Devoid of all lyrics, the music alone speaks for itself…and it speaks volumes. (DER-554)

Deep Elm Records about
Moonlit Sailor – Colors In Stereo:


To sum it up succinctly, Colors In Stereo is huge. It’s like the thunderous boom of 1,000 armies marching in lockstep. Already receiving well-deserved critical acclaim for creating an entirely new dimension to the post-rock genre, these four Swedes have done it yet again with a truly unique album. Firmly entrenched in their quasi-pop / post-rock roots but adding space-rock elements to their already massive soundscapes, MOONLIT SAILOR has created a blueprint for the future of post-rock.

Everything on Colors In Stereo is special: from the sounds you’ve never heard before, to the arpeggios that swallow you whole, to the powerful crescendos that devastate your senses. If you don’t find it difficult to listen without being overwhelmed with emotion, you’re not listening.

“This album means a lot. When we wrote these songs, we knew that people were going to hear them and we didn’t want to disappoint anyone, especially ourselves. It feels like we’ve taken big steps forward as composers and we hope people hear that in the songs. Everything about who we are we put into the music of Colors in Stereo. As for the title, it reminds us of the future…very positive and joyful. You can really feel the colors float through your inner mind and leave you purified. We wanted to make an positive post rock album” says says bass guitarist Markus Rundlöf.

This is the new standard. It’s that good. -Deep Elm Records