We’ve just had some amazing days.



YES! We survived the 22 hours long train journey we wrote about some days ago. We took a little help from a substance called alcohol though. We’re now in Shanghai, where we just ate the best Chinese dinner we’ve eaten, so far. Nudels, beef etc. Here’s some pictures from past days!



I’m sitting here at the hotel waiting for the train to Hangzhou.
We’ll only spend 22 hours on that train. It can be fun though!

Here’s Hope live from Beijing!


Ni Hao!

Today we have a day off in the city Xi’an. We have spent the day strolling around in the inner city.

Pics from yesterdays show in Xi’an along with some pictures of the city Xi’an


It’s now been one week since we left Landvetter airport, Sweden for our first Chinese tour. So far, it’s been way to good. Every show has been amazing, especially the ones in Beijing and Xi’an. It’s a strange feeling that there’s so many fans of Moonlit Sailor here, in such huge country on the other side of the world. Last night for example, a guy drove 400 miles just to be able to see us. Things like that means way to much to put it in words, for us.

There’s one thing that the best shows seem to have in common. Contrasts! Yesterday we had to get up 05.00 in the morning not to miss the flight to Xi’an. When we arrived to the airport we got to know that there would be a delay for all flights. So we sat there waiting in chaos (..with stressed and angry business men etc) for like 5-6 hours. Not fun at all! When we at last arrived to the venue we felt tired and low. Our equipment didn’t work the way we wanted it to. So, we got in to our backstage room and didn’t feel to excited about having a show in half an hour.

When we took the first steps ahead the stage we realized that it was pretty crowdy. We started with Kodac Moment and suddenly all the tiredness were gone. I think we all got the same feeling of euphoria by hearing that crowd screaming while playing one of the songs that we’re most proud of.

It’s almost always those contrasts when we have our best shows. It was the same thing in Beijing. A night with no sleep followed by an amazing show. I think you can see videos from that show on our Facebook page by the way.

Nights with no sleep means amazing shows!

So, my conclusion of this is. We have to give up sleeping before shows!

Speaking of sleeping. My band members are still asleep and Facebook is not available here in China. I am pretty bored at the moment! But it was funny writing this!

Here’s some pictures from the tour so far…