In case you’ve missed it, our new album ‘Colors In Stereo’ is now available on VINYL.

This release is such a beauty, the vinyl record is transparent blue!! How cool is that! It’s a must have!? (You could also use it as a painting because of it’s size and colorfullness!) Right? Go and buy it right away now people.

Moonlit Sailor - Colors In Stereo 2011 (VINYL)

Moonlit Sailor – Colors In Stereo (LP)
Deep Elm Records 2011 DER-531


Side 1:
01. Kodac Moment
02. Colors In Stereo
03. May Day
04. Summer Solstice
05. Freeze Frame Vision
01. Vacant Library
02. Singularity
03. Weekday Escape
04. Clarity
05. Berwick Upon Tweed