Some of the Chinese venues we were supposed to play were apparently to small. Here’s the actual tour dates and venues.

15th,Jul    Tianjin          13Club
16th,Jul    Beijing          The One Club
17th,Jul    Dalian           Hertz Bar
19th,Jul    Xi’an             Xinyueliangyaoshi Live House
20th,Jul    Wuhan         Vox Live House
22th,Jul    Hangzhou    9-Club
23th,Jul   Shanghai       Kento’s Club
24th,Jul    Nanjing        61House
26th,Jul    Chengdu      Little Bar
27th,Jul    Guangzhou  191Space
29th,Jul    Xia’men        White Dolphin Music Festival
30th,Jul    Shenzhen     I Du Tang
31th,Jul    Qingdao        Cape No.3 Bar

See you there!